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Since Lvsang was awarded the "high-tech enterprise" in 2016, we has continuously increased the special investment in innovation, which turns out our research and development scale, research and development level and innovation ability got further improved. Now, we own 28 utility model patents and two invention patent. Research and development section covers casting equipment, cleaning equipment, material forming, pattern development, special checking tools, special cutting tools, etc. The independent research and development ability of some professional fields ranks in the forefront of the industry and is recognized by the manufacturing industry.

We have got remarkable achievements in new products development, and occupies a large proportion in the whole development section, since 2017, Lvsang has developed a total of more than 1450 kinds of products, covering the fields of Motor, Pump & Valve, General Equipment and other fields, all of these products met more than 60 customers’ demands for the mechanical parts at home and abroad, and helped customers to get their problems that parts quality cannot meet their requirements solved. In late years, we annually develops more than 300 kinds of new products, and for the purpose to match with customers’ gradually improvement of products requirements, we are constantly carrying out technical transformation and innovation, which get more and more new technology, new process applied. Our new technologies, new processes and other projects are mainly derived from the sources of new products developments, manufacturing processes design and optimization, mature mold design and make technology, casting process design, melting technology, surface coating technology, fixture design for machining, numerical control programming, inspection technology, etc, and all of these mentioned are continuously improved through optimization and innovation. In addition, we are actively cooperates with a number of universities, making full use of its scientific research advantages in product structure, core making, material, machining accuracy and other aspects of research and development and industrialization, to communicate technical problems with them, to formulate solutions, and hence to implement and verify actively.

We will further play the role of "engine" of scientific and technological innovation, to promote the development of green equipment manufacturing industry, to build a new height of enterprise innovation and development, and strive to be a pioneer in the manufacturing industry.