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Dalian Lvsang Industry Corporation Foundry is one of the first batch Joint venture foundries in Dalian. It is the casting production base of Dalian Lvsang Industry Corporation Ltd specializing in casting production. With more than 30 years' continuous exploration, it has created the development model which combines the use of foreign capital, technology introduction and self-development. At the same time of the vigorous development, it also drives the relevant bases development of casting cleaning, products machining, and mold manufacturing. The company which is the board of directors of China Foundry Association has trained an excellent skilled production and development team.

The Foundry of Dalian Lvsang Industry Corporation covers an area of 10,000 square meters. Now it owns over 160 employees, including 6 Engineers, 4 technicians, 28 professional technicians and inspectors. The foundry has more than 9 workshops, such as melting, sand processing, molding, core making and so on.

The melting process of Foundry could meet the needs of different material and batches of grey iron and ductile iron. The material parameters are monitored by real-time Sabron furnace detector, thermocouple and infrared thermometer, Spark direct-reading spectrometer in Germany, which has stable material guarantee ability. In the aspect of molding, we have many molding ways, such as vertical, horizontal and resin sand, equipped with various molding machines; the process of wet molding sand, resin sand mixing and sand supply is fully automated; the core-making of coated sand hot-core box and self-hardening resin sand core-making are equipped with several Japanese imported hot-core shell-core machines. It has the ability to produce high quality castings with complex structure.

Lvsang foundry currently has more than 3000 varieties of products. The strict material, complex structure, small batch and many varieties is the characteristic of Lvsang foundry’s products, equipped with advanced testing equipment and professional testing personnel. At the same time, Lvsang also cooperated with many colleges and universities, such as low temperature detection experiments and mold flow analysis.

The foundry of Lvsang puts the environment protection in the most important position while developing production and improving technical level. In order to reduce the energy consumption and decrease the disposal of pollutants, the foundry keeps the investment on melting, molding and sand preparation processes. At present, the foundry is preparing one new round of technical reform to reach the goal of keeping all the effluent standards lower than national specification. On the thirtieth anniversary of our company, we are brewing a new round of technical transformation, in order to fully realize the green casting to continue to move forward.

In recent years, we have owned a number of national technical invention patents in the fields of environmental protection equipment design, deep-sea oil production casting, high-end pump body anti-vortex core design, and special-shaped 3D type-casting printing. This foundry enterprise with advanced technology, young, knowledgeable and professional team, the courage to challenge the world's most high-end products is more mature and deeply rooted in the high-tech park. Innovation and vitality have been deeply rooted in the land of high-tech park. All employees of foundry production base are willing to build Lvsang brand with their own simple hands, and to cast their soul with the three solid spirit of Lvsang.

Manager of Foundry
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Vice Manager of Foundry
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Manager Assistant of Foundry
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