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The Business Department of Dalian Lvsang Industry Corporation Ltd. is the window for the company to communicate with the outside. It is responsible for product sales, import and export business.

The business department has 13 excellent talents, and all of them have university degree or above, including 4 master's degree. The company has established long-term business contacts with more than 60 companies at home and abroad, and many of our partners are among the top 500 enterprises in the world. The company delivers more than 3000 kinds of products every month. Its products are special produced to meet customers' needs.

The business department has an independent office space, which implements network management. It can timely communicate with customers and organize import and export business and delivery of domestic products. At the same time, the business department has established an efficient interface with other departments and branches of the company, which can ensure the timely and smooth communication of all kinds of information.

The business department always takes aiming at improving the competitiveness of enterprises. Product quality, price and delivery time are the basis for enterprises to survive and develop. We will provide customers with satisfactory service, excellent quality, reasonable price and accurate delivery time.

We sincerely welcome all parties to negotiate business and work together to create a harmonious, cooperative and win-win future.

Director of Development.
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Director of Service.
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Vice Director of Operation.
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Vice Director of Development.
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Business Representative
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Business Representative
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Business Representative
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Business Representative
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