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This year is company's 30th anniversary. After several technological upgrades and product updates, Lvsang is producing motor, pump valves, construction machinery, and automotive parts and so on. It’s not only the product difficulty and accuracy increases, but also an excellent technical team has been trained and excised. It has established R&D centers, and established a long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationship with Dalian University of Technology and Dalian Jiaotong University in production, learning, research and utilization. The company has also been awarded national high-tech enterprises, and has obtained a number of utility model patents in actual production.

In 2000, Lvsang passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, and in 2014, Lvsang passed the IATF 16949 automotive industry quality management system certification, ISO 14000 environmental management system certification and ISO 18000 occupational health and safety management system certification. Starting from optimizing documents, systems and processes, identifying key points of quality control, quantifying details, and creating standardized operation sites, the idea of continuous improvement is implemented in the whole production activities.

Adhering to the concept that quality is manufactured, process parameters and product characteristics are monitored and measured in accordance with documents, systems, processes and operating standards, and inspection is integrated into production. Lvsang has equipped with testing equipment, such as CE table, direct reading spectrum, carbon and sulfur instrument, metallographic analysis, sonic velocity, UT non-destructive testing, paint film thickness meter, coordinate measuring instrument, and profilometer and so on.

Manager of Technology and QC Dept.
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