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Dalian Lvsang assets management Co., Ltd., established on November 11, 2009, which is controlled by Dalian lvsang Industry Corporation Ltd., with the registered capital of 20 million RMB.The company's business scope: enterprise assets; Investment management; Investment consulting; Enterprise project planning; Business management consulting.

With the strategic vision of building a first-class domestic assets management company, Dalian Lvsang assets management co., ltd. is committed to realizing long-term, stable and ideal return on investment for shareholders and engaging in medium - and long-term equity investment and assets management in specific fields.

Dalian Lvsang assets management co., Ltdwith rich experience in the industry investment, excellent management team, strong financial strength, perfect management system,focus on modern manufacturing and high-tech industry in areas such as equity investment and assets management, with advanced management concept and technology, to constantly optimize investment project, foster industrial clusters, to build industry chain, extend the value chain, in order to realize the maximization of shareholder value.

Dalian lvsang assets management co., Ltd. makes use of its own advantages and conditions to strengthen domestic and foreign cooperation, integrate various forms of ownership capital including foreign capital and private capital, and share the investment opportunities brought by China's economic growth.

Dalian lvsang assets management co., Ltd.has in industrial investment, project financing, project management, capital operation, assets management, internal control aspects of professional talent team,set up modern enterprise system, investment projects, management consulting, accounting department three departments, can provide project cooperation with optimization and high efficient management team, provide intellectual and organizational guarantee for successful project. At the same time, also provide the best quality service for the project partners!

Management Consulting
● Contacts:Ms.dong
● TEL:+86-411-86294073
● Address: No. 90, Area E, Xinghai Square, Shahekou District, Dalian City.
Project Investment
● Contacts:Ms.zhang
● TEL:+86-411-86293154
● Address: No. 90, Area E, Xinghai Square, Shahekou District, Dalian City.